Custom technology search

Get the list of websites using any technology, engine or platform

Our robot will crawl the TOP 1,000,000 websites for you.
You will be able to download the final list of websites in CSV(Excel) format.

How to search for technology

1. Please enter your email. We will send you notification once the search is completed. This usually takes a few hours.

2. Enter the technology name (i.e. "Magento", "Drupal", "Wordpress", etc.). This field does not affect the search results.

3. Enter the technology code sample (tech signature)

  • Open the source code of the website using the required technology.
  • Find the unique piece of code that defines the required technology.

    Technology code (technology signature) examples:

    Technology name Signature sample
    Wordpress /wp-content/themes
    Magento cms-index-index
    Shopify cdn.shopify
    Facebook pixel
  • Check any other 2-3 websites using this technology. All of them should contain the same unique code identifying the required technology.

4. Press Run database scan button. Done! You will receive an email notification with link to a resulting list of websites once the search is completed.