We already have millions of emails associated with domains in our lists. But of course you can (and must!) strive for more.

We assume that you already have the list of websites using your target technology and have already used all emails from this list (read more about customized email campaigns using websites lists in our previous post).

If you need extra emails for your email marketing, we have some fresh ideas on how to help you.

We suggest that you use Amazon Mechanical Turk service for fast and cheap email discovering.

MTurk is an Amazon company. It gives you access to an on-demand, scalable workforce — and email research is a typical kind of such work. It’s an amazing service and yes, we use it too :)

First, please read this useful article: How I Found 250+ Email Addresses of Silicon Valley Executives In 30 Minutes.

Now follow our step-by-step guide — how to discover new emails for your prospect leads:

  1. Order the list of websites that use a required technology or use your existing one
  2. Open the list (in Excel, Google Docs, OpenOffice, etc.) and delete all domains containing email records — leave only those that have no email
  3. Sign up to mturk.com as Requester, select 'New project' → 'Data collection' and press the 'Create project' button
  4. We recommend you use the following parameters:

    Project title 'Find the company name and email address'
    Project description 'Given the company URL, find its email address and company name'
    Project keywords 'data collection,emails,e-mails'
    Reward per assignment (that means how much you agree to pay for 1 discovered email with company name. The bigger price means the faster speed).$0.06 (yes, just 6 cents!)
    Number of assignments per HIT1
    Time allotted per assignment1 hour
    HIT expires in 2 days (depends of the size of your list, set +1 day for each 2000 records)
    Auto-approve and pay Workers in 2 days
    Require that Workers be Masters to do your HITs NO
  5. Press the 'Add another criterion' button, choose 'HIT approval rate for all requester HITS' → greater then → set it to 98%
  6. Press the 'Design layout' button
  7. Download this HTML code from our server, go back to MTurk, press the 'Source' button, delete everything and paste the code downloaded from us
  8. Press the 'Preview' button. Press the 'Finish button'. This will bring up a new page
  9. On this page click on Publish Batch, then upload a CSV file of all of the companies. After it uploads, click the Upload button
  10. After the upload is completed, you'll see a HIT preview screen. Check the website URL on the screen - it should be one of the website URLs from your list. Click the 'Next' button on this screen
  11. A new page will load prompting you to add money into your account. Fund your account
  12. After adding funds into your account, just click the 'Publish HITs' button and you're all set. Your task will now be available for people to complete in Mechanical Turk. To monitor progress, go to the Manage tab
  13. Once finished, you just need to approve the work and download the resulting list. It will be similar to your original list but full of new emails and company names!
  14. Done! Your can start your marketing campaign now! Do you remember our post about customized email campaigns? :)