Allora is a service that provides you with lists of websites using the chosen web technology.

We crawl hundreds of millions of websites each week and scan each of them for the technology they use. Allora is like Google for web technology signatures.

After the crawling is complete we add the contact information (company name, email, contact person) for many of these websites. Right now we have more than 6,000,000 contacts associated with domains.

As the last step we add Alexa Rank to our lists (so you can range the websites by its popularity).

All lists are provided in .CSV format (popular format for Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs etc).
'Technology' means a module, plugin, CMS, advertising platform, shopping cart, ecommerce engine, analytic system etc. the website is using.

We know thousands of them. Please check our technology catalogue.
Each website has special technology 'signatures' in its code.
We created a library that contains thousands of signatures and then use it while crawling the websites.
Yes, that means that we crawl terabytes of data each week :)
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