Let’s imagine that you are a Magento app developer (but the same works for any SAAS, web engines, advertising platforms and other internet companies).

  • First find the Magento technology list (simply use the search option above or browse our tech catalog).
  • Download the list of websites. Now you have a large number of Magento-based websites and we believe that many of them can become your customers!
  • Some of the websites in your list have email and company names listed.

Let’s try to do some magic with email marketing!

First, please read this useful article: 6 Tips to Make Your Automated Emails Look 100% Manually Typed.

Note: We recommend using replyapp.io, a special online software to send customized emails but, of course, you can also use outreach.io or any other tool of your choice.

Now follow our step-by-step guide — the idea is simple but powerful:

    li>Write a friendly email template. The website is using Magento — so clearly mention it in your email. Write about the user problem and how your app can fix it. Then ask them to give your app a chance. Be honest, clear, and don’t be too formal!
  1. Add some special custom fields to your template (like ‘%company_name%’ and '%domain_name%').
  2. Don’t forget to add an unsubscribe link. Don’t be a spammer!
  3. Import your list of Magento websites into your mail software.

Now you have many custom emails (you should remember to use a custom company name, domain name, and to mention Magento engine in each of them).

Check it carefully and then send.

PS. Don’t be afraid of getting too many ‘spam’ labels. If your email text is quite personal, honest and doesn’t look too formal, people will not penalize you.

According to our experience targeted emails really work like a charm!